Saturday, May 18, 2013

Indian Arhopala + 753 species pages on the Butterflies of India website

India has a staggering 49 species of Arhopala (Oakblues). Many of them have not been seen in recent decades, and many of them have never been photographed. We have been slowly and steadily building a collection of Indian Arhopala on the Butterflies of India website, and now we have 20 species represented:

These include Animish Mandrekar’s only second record of the species Arhopala curiosa (Curious Oakblue) in the world and the first record of the species from India:

And Shantanu Joshi’s only 2nd record of the species Arhopala dispar (Frosted Oakblue) from India:

We have also crossed 750 species pages on the website (currently at 753). They are listed here in a reverse chronological order:

For the past few weeks we have been uploading 200 images per week, so we are making progress on that front as well. Do let us know if you have any interesting or good images to upload on the website, especially if they are going to add species to the website. This will make the website more widely useful.  

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