Thursday, October 24, 2013

IndianMoths Data Collection Update : October 2013

As most of you are aware of the iNaturlist project [] that we are working as a group. 

We are working on a target of putting together 5000 records by end of this year. Here is the progress so far: We have more than 3400 records in place and we have more than 30 members of the project and already have more than 1000 species posted. The curators Nuwan and Sachin are helping with the ids with major share of work being done by Dr. Roger. 

We have about 10 weeks left for the end of the year. And we have to put together about 1600 records, so about 160 per week. Most of the people interested in Moths have 100s of photos and even if we get 16 members who are willing to put efforts to sort through their photos and upload them as records, they will have to spend less than an hour a week to finish this target that we have. 

If any members unfamiliar with iNaturalist need help, we can certainly extend that. It is fairly simple to use website the records are going to be extremely useful for all us to understand out Moths. So please participate in this activity and let us keep our target.

Another interesting thing we are working on is to get updates about IndianMoths in single place form all the websites. Please check and let us know what more you would like to see and how we can improve it.

Eagerly waiting for all of you, specially members who have not done so yet,  to post records for the project.

Here are some recent records posted on the project.

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