Friday, January 27, 2017

Moths of India reaches 600 species

The Moths of India website has reached 600 species, an amazing achievement in just over 15 months since we went live. Some interesting moths posted in the last few months are...

The Zygaenid moth Psaphis euschemoides, which is an amazing mimic of another day flying Geometrid moth, the False Tiger MothDysphania militaris Or is it the other way around?

The incredibly beautiful Zygaenid moth Campylotes-desgodinsi 2/Campylotes-desgodinsi

The Sea Buckthorn Hawkmoth Hyles hippophaes, previously known from India only by a single specimen collected by Avinov in 1912. 

Orthobrachia hirowatarii, a species described in 2016 from China and Thailand, reported in India for the first time at

The other highlight is that the number of contributors has increased to 40.

Keep “mothing" and contributing!

The Moths of India team

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