Thursday, September 28, 2017

DragonflyIndia is 12 years

Dear Odonutters and Naturalists,

I am so happy to wish DragonflyIndia a very happy birthday. DragonflyIndia enters teens now.

It was in 2005 during ButterflyIndia meet at Aralam, David Raju, Kiran C G, Subbu and me discussed the idea of bringing Odonata enthusiasts and researchers of Indian Subcontinent together on a virtual platform YahooGroups. It has been growing by leaps and bounds after that.

We have presence on most of the social media platforms that people use to talk about Biodiversity. We are in process of developing a comprehensive resource Odonata of India,  a very vibrant facebook group, some serious data curation efforts on India Biodiversity Portal and iNaturalist and to top it all our Meets

To keep up with updates we have DiversityIndia updates page and twitter @dragonflyindia and #dragonflyIndia

Of course this would not have been possible without enthusiasm and support of the the members, group admins and coordinators of the meets.

Now that we are entering teens, it is time to get more serious and systematic in our contributions, and also have more fun together. Any ideas for activities that our group should take up, please share here in comments.

Happy Birthday DragonflyIndia once again.

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