Wednesday, July 25, 2018

National Moth Week record sharing challenge 2018

We are celebrating National Moth Week 2018 currently. We would like to start a challenge to share interesting Moth records on social media and challenge your fellow Moth-rs to do the same. There are no strict rules as such but here is how it will work. 

  1. Person starting the challenge would post 10 moth records on social medial like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc.
  2. With any other information about the moth make sure to post date and place and link to the record on portal like Moths of India, iNaturalist, India Biodiversity Portal, Project Noah etc.
  3. Use #MothWeek2018 (and optionally #IndianMoths for Indian records)
  4. Challenge one person every day to do the same, in your post
  5. Anyone challenged more than once just add one more day to the posting per challenge. i.e. if I am challenged by three people, I will post my original 10 + 2 for the additional challenges.
Let the fun of Moth sharing begin.

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